British Secret Garden

Understanding the goals and objectives behind our client’s decision to host an event must always be considered and achieved. That meant that the typical Grand Opening template was not going to fit the bill.  We needed to innovate this event into a world-class occasion that offered a cohesive experience, as guests explored all 106,000 square feet spread across three floors. 

To showcase the new building, we established our event design, and then set about delivering it in a way that was enticing so that even corporate executives would be drawn into exploring the whole building. Our Secret Garden Girls, stunningly beautiful creatures that were a combination of butterflies and flowers, some supporting wings, encouraged guests to experience the entire building. We wanted to showcase the building and the history of the dealership in a way that would have all of them thinking that British Secret Garden was so outstanding that it should be the new template for JLR Grand Openings World Wide!

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