Ever dreamt of the perfect event and wished you got to carry it out? Planning events isn’t as easy as it seems because there are many important aspects you may forget to consider.

With that in mind, here are some of the common issues event planners may encounter during the process of planning events. As event consultant experts, we have ample experience and have seen it all, which is why we are here to flag these mistakes to make your event planning simple!

Mistake 1: Not managing time wisely while planning events

It goes without saying that giving yourself too little time to prepare for the event will make event planning harder overall. Make sure to start planning for your event well in advance, or make a planner or log to track how many hours you’ll spend planning each day. Determine precisely what you must do and by when, because tasks frequently take longer than anticipated. It is better to finish early than to finish late! Given that they are aware of the typical durations of each step, an event consultant will be able to assist you to develop your critical path.

Mistake 2: Forgetting to double check

Double or even triple-check every decision you make or plan because it is important to ensure that everything you need for the event will successfully arrive or be delivered. Even if you believe you have a good memory or the experience necessary to prepare things quickly, pressure or stress can make you compromise on that standard. It is typical! So always double-check times, dates, and totals. And if you have yet to develop the expertise, you can prevent these unanticipated problems by hiring an event consultant.

Mistake 3: Unaware of budget when planning events

Always be mindful of your spending when managing money to avoid skipping a payment. Keep in mind that additional costs, unstated fees, permit fees, and other unforeseen expenses frequently appear in anything you may buy. If you find that your previous budget was insufficient, an additional 10% can be added to your future budgets to give yourself more breathing room. You can increase your event ROI and optimize your event budget with the aid of an event consultant.

Mistake 4: Not considering the client brand with the event strategy and production

Ensure that you are drawing in the right crowd! Before continuing, consider whether this is the right event strategy to use and whether the event attendees will be interested in what you are trying to promote. A good event consultant is an asset when planning a branded event. 

Mistake 5: Not becoming familiar with the preferences of attendees

To be able to accommodate attendees, you should be aware of their backgrounds, including not only their occupations, levels of education, and interests, but also their health preferences. Additionally, you can alter the menu and dietary customizations based on the preferences of the attendees. Since event consultants has extensive experience, they will be able to advise you about the best event menu for your clients. 

Mistake 6: Trying to do it all by yourself

Ask for help if you need it! Planning events is a team effort because there may be aspects you are unfamiliar about. Be sure to add members to your team so you can bounce ideas off of each other and see things in different perspectives. It’s also more efficient to work as a team instead of alone because it will save time. 

Hiring an event consultant is a low investment and high return because you get access to extensive industry knowledge and expertise. We understand the desire to do it all by yourself and we praise that! As your event consultants, we’ll just give you that extra push in the right direction. By all means, contact Sharon Bonner Consulting for professional assistance from an award-winning event consultant and event expert!

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