Bright Ideas Events Agency Introduces New Sister Company Sharon Bonner Consulting for the Event Industry.

The two sister companies, though based in the same sector, provide a different range of services to their clients.

expert in the event industry

Vancouver, BC, Monday, October 24, 2022 – Sharon Bonner, an award-winning pioneer who has been part of the event industry for more than 34 years, is announcing the launch of her second venture, Sharon Bonner Consulting (SBC). This company will operate alongside the event production agency she founded back in 1988 – Bright Ideas Event Agency. Her detail-oriented mindset and creativity help her inspire people to think outside the box and produce award-winning events via her Event Consulting services. Although both sister companies are based in the event sector and work closely together, the services they provide are quite different from one another.

Bright Ideas Events Agency focuses on corporate event production and will continue to do so in the future. A partial list of services offered to clients is as follows:

  • Booking of all the vendors and management of their contracts
  • Data analytics management
  • Full-service event production from venue booking through to day-of-event support and post-event debriefing synopsis
  • Measurement of ROI on event investment
  • Theme development

Sharon Bonner Consulting was born out of a shift in the event industry landscape during the pandemic, which changed many aspects of the event planning process. SBC provides clients with supportive event consulting services, which include the following:

  • Development of a critical path
  • Establishment of goals and objectives
  • Event Documentation
  • Marketing analysis
  • Venue selection
  • Vendor assistance

Deciding on whether Event Production or Event Consulting is the right fit depends on the event’s needs, budget and team skills. However, with the lifting of restrictions, Sharon believes that Event Consulting is the way to go. As demand increases for affordable service options due to the labour shortage, clients need an extra creative boost from an experienced event expert. 

To learn more about Sharon and SBC, please visit the following links:

SBC Portfolio:

SBC Event Consulting Packages:

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