It is 2024, and you are not yet convinced that Event Consulting is the way to save money. Why not? Keep reading and I am sure that I will convince you that it is true.

You need to understand that an Event Consultant is not just an accessory that popped up from nowhere. We are seasoned experts with decades of years in event planning. We are the rainbow leading to that pot of gold that you are looking for.

Let us build a scenario. You have an idea to host a corporate event to celebrate your team’s recent milestones and don’t no where to start, right? You decide to manage it all on your own, but sooner or later, you encounter delays and cancellations, and the items or events you wanted are not available.

An Event Consultant can help you navigate through this uncharted territory as an inexperienced planner so that you produce a flawless event. Let me show you how.

Now for the good stuff: How do my consulting services translate into savings in your event planning?

I have listed five ways that my event consulting services saves you money, but here are countless others that also benefit your bottom line. Let’s start with event support staff.

1. Event Consulting Saves on Staff Costs

I know the best people in town, and you can bet that I can get the perfect staff just right for you too—without the need for compromise. This can greatly affect your event if you do not choose wisely. As we both know very well, subpar staff can only bring misfortune. So, would you risk that embarrassment in front of your team or the big wigs? I do not think so. My service extends beyond just scouting; I train them too, so at your event, they perform to the utmost of your standards.

2. Event Consulting Saves on Venue Contracts

36 years of negotiation experience can really elevate your game as an event planner, and you are in great luck because that is exactly what I am capable of.

With the endless connections and networking opportunities I have had the chance to develop over the years, I can easily secure that deal and save you money while doing it.

I like to call it a win-win!

3. Event Consulting Saves with Supplier Discounts

Speaking of connections, this includes suppliers and vendors too. I will secure great discounts on bulk purchases, and considering my past relationship with my solid event partners, it would be my pleasure to pass on the savings. Plus, I can arrange some shared services or bundled packages, which will reduce the cost significantly compared to approaching them on your own.

4. Event Consulting Solves Problems

Solving problems is in my blood. I would not have entered this industry if I did not possess this skill. It is almost a necessity when it comes to event planning. With a history of more than 3,000 events, I can guarantee that I have seen and experienced it all. I can sense potential issues before they become expensive mistakes, which I doubt you would want to encounter. So why not avoid it altogether and hire an Event Consultant to handle these risk assessments?

5. Event Consulting Saves Money on Venue Contracts

It is very easy to be fooled by the fine print within the lines, especially in venue contracts. You want to ensure you get your money’s worth and not be confused for signing up for something you are not fully aware of. If the venue terms does not meet your event mission, I have access to a vast variety of venues that are perfect for your event and affordable. I like to call them the hidden gems of Vancouver. You might find some listed in my other blogs.


These are just five reasons why you need an Event Consultant and I could list a hundred more. To book some time with me to chat about your event, click here.

If the whole event planning process sounds exhausting, we also offer full event production through my big sister company, Bright Ideas Event Agency.

Be sure to check them out!

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