While planning your event, it is crucial to focus on building a powerful brand that speaks volumes to your target audience. An Event Consultant can help to create an event strategy that aligns with the brand! 

What is Event Branding?

An event brand is a part of your marketing strategy and can involve a name, symbol, images, and colors that distinguish a unique identity for an event. It says a lot about the organization that is hosting it. All elements of the event should join together to create an image (event brand) that encompasses all of the event’s main points.

For instance, an Event Consultant whose focus is on corporate events would approach the event planning with the thought that the event strategy must align with the brand. Suppose you are hosting a corporate event for Amazon. Creating activities, designing decor, and curating a menu that is branded and supports Amazon’s mission statement is ideal. 

Why Does Event Branding Matter?

Well, branding your event allows it to reach your target audience. It communicates your event attributes to attendees in a memorable way, and an effective brand event will aim for long-term appeal on guests/attendees. 

From guests perspective: 

Helps to increase attendees engagement and enjoyment 

From clients perspective:

Professionalism and builds long lasting business relationships

Event Branding Goals

  1. Gain recognition 
  2. Guest engagement and satisfaction 
  3. Communicate the event’s vision
  4. Attract sponsors and vendors
  5. Create trust and loyalty

4 Tips for Creating an Astounding Branded Event

event brand

1. Create powerful event graphics 

Visuals matter. Guests will be drawn first to the imagery, thus ensuring every piece of decor communicates what type of experience your event will deliver to attendees.

Regardless of the nature of the event, your graphics and imagery should follow your event’s theme!

2. Align with the brand 

Your event should incorporate the brand you have developed – for instance, activities, decor, menu, and so forth should reflect the event brand (if corporate, the brand you are planning for; otherwise a unique design for the event in which the guests will remember the event).

event brand

3. Include memorable event branding ideas

To engage with the guests, and encourage them to attend again, it is important to leave your attendees with a “little something” that reminds them of the great time they had!Extra elements such as swag bags, branded food takeaways and t-shirts impacts engagement stupendously. This seemingly minimal extra effort goes a long way; providing guests with tokens of thanks will not only remind them to come again next year, but secure long-term engagement. 

4. Think about the customer journey 

The guests come for the branded event so they expect to see it evident in every piece of the event. The goal is probably to promote the brand so make it happen! Include it everywhere; staff clothing, decor, activities, food and so on. This helps with the “wow effect” and keeps attendees inspired and surprised!

You Got This! 

Now that you’re equipped with all the pre-planning tips and tricks to brand your event, it’s time to get out there and begin brainstorming! An Event Consultant can help you brand and help you prepare for your big event! Connect with an expert today!

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