Are you postponing planning a corporate event that is getting closer? Event planning can be overwhelming considering venue, catering, etc. But with a clear timeline, it doesn’t have to be so complex.

In this blog, we will provide you with some tips that would make planning an event a breeze. You might even realize it is more fun than you think!

The Devil is in the details

To get started, it is important to be very clear on what goals you would like to achieve with this event. Do you want to publicize your services to potential customers? Are you looking for investors? Or is the event being held to show your appreciation for present customers and investors? If it is a repeat event, it is a great practice to go over previous event briefings to see the event plan and outcomes, and analyze how you can build off of that this time around.

Once this is clear, think about what your budget is or how much money you would like to allocate to the organization of this event. One tip to do this would be to do a brain dump of event logistics you think might be necessary to have and allocate funds to each aspect accordingly. Afterwards, move everything to a spreadsheet to track the budget in real time during the planning process.

Plan, Plan, Plan

To plan a successful event, set a clear goal and create an event critical path. Use a document to track deadlines and update it regularly. If you’re uncertain about logistics or timelines, an Event Consultant can help. They have extensive experience and can guide you on including essential event elements and creating a realistic timeline that accounts for mistakes or delays.

Delegate To Avoid Burnout

Still traumatized from college group projects where all the work fell on the one responsible person? Do not worry! That will not happen so long as you have a good team that has your back! Pick out your team members carefully and do not be afraid to delegate tasks to them based on their strengths and weaknesses. Once assigned, as the team lead, make sure to provide them with enough support and guidance to complete their tasks on schedule.

‘Pitch’ Perfect

Yes that’s right! You could have an amazing event plan, but how would people know about it if you do not tell them? It is quite important to pitch your event to its target audience. Get them to know more about your company and its services, the event, and how it all relates to the overall goals of your company. Tell them why they should care about your event. That way, your event will gain more traction and thus, more potential attendees!

And lastly, make sure to enjoy your event to the fullest! Event planning is not that difficult, is it? If you feel like you need to consult an event veteran for their expert opinion, or just want to elevate the level of your event with an experienced consultant’s creativity and knowledge, please check out the high-quality services that SBC offers its clients here.

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