How do you plan an incredible corporate event when you are not an experienced Event Producer? 

If you have been assigned the complicated task of planning your company’s corporate events and don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. Whether you are new to event planning, are looking for some new ideas or are needing assistance from an event consultant, this new event consulting series is for you!

About The Series

Over the next few months, we will be sharing ten weeks’ worth of event planning tips that will cover each stage of the event planning process. This new series will include knowledge from CEO & Founder, Sharon Bonner’s 30+ years in the event industry as a seasoned award-winning event producer and now event consultant.

Sharon will cover a combination of tips for in-person events, along with some advice for planning virtual and hybrid events. The event consulting series is designed to help educate those who have unanswered questions about the event planning process, those looking for an expert opinion, and those who may need some event consulting assistance for their event. We will be looking at real-life examples and hypothetical situations to help you get a clear understanding of what goes into the planning process and the steps you need to take to host an incredible event. By the end of this series, we will have touched on all areas of event planning and you will walk away feeling confident about your event and the team you are working with to plan it.

We are excited to be covering the following topics over this ten-week series. Be sure to check back every month and use this list as a quick directory!

Event Consulting Series Topics

1.      Event Consulting vs Event Producing

2.      Selecting The Perfect Venue

3.      Planning Your Agenda

4.      Choosing A Theme That Fits

5.      Designing A Décor Strategy

6.      Planning The Menu

7.      Selecting The Right Entertainment

8.      Including The Appropriate Activities

9.     Swag And Giveaways

10.  ROI For Your Event Investment

So…how do you plan an incredible corporate event when you are not an experienced event planner? 

For starters, check out each post that is part of this event consulting series. You will walk away feeling more confident in your ability to plan events, as well as know when to ask for help from an event consultant. Next, you will want to reach out for a quote for event consulting services so we can help you!

We are here to help you every step of the way!

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