A good Event Consultant won’t just give you a piece of advice. A good Event Consultant will bring your event vision to life. And this is what Sharon is doing with her event consulting services.  

Sharon Bonner Consulting Services provides executive-level event management planning and design expertise to help you execute an unforgettable event experience. These services are designed to get the most value out of your event by primarily focusing on critical areas like event branding, marketing strategies, budgeting and promotion. As an award-winning Event Consultant, Sharon provides a clear, honest and reliable critical path. 

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So What Does an Event Consultant Like Sharon Do?

Sharon Bonner has been instrumental in assisting businesses and clients worldwide with event planning and execution needs for over 34 years. She has supported thousands of clients nationwide to reap the benefits of detail-oriented planned experiential event plans. 

With her extensive and award-winning experience, she brings five core competencies to her clients; Event Consulting, Design Expertise, Budget Optimization, Marketing Strategy and Event ROI. 

Event Consulting made simple, easy and successful

Sharon is now sharing her lifelong expertise through her consulting services, including:

  • Event Consulting: Providing you with a client-centric service by personalizing the event plan to suit your objectives and event vision.
  • Design Expertise: Creating a cohesive and unified experiential design that captivates your guests while integrating the event goals.
  • Event ROI Maximization: Exceeding your expectations while providing a high and measurable ROI in the overall event plan.
  • Marketing Strategy: Develop an in-depth marketing strategy for your event to ensure relevant KPIs are achieved.
  • Budget Optimization: Calculating detailed event budgets to include all aspects of your event, foreshadowing the unknown. 
  • Event Documentation: Customizing critical event documents such as floor plans, agendas, and menus for your successful event.

How & Why Hire an Event Consultant?

An Event Consultant like Sharon will partner with you to curate a tailored event plan that aligns with your event objectives and goals. Moreover, her dedication and innovative mindset provide you with the best tools to execute your event vision.

With more than three decades of award-winning event experience, Sharon delivers complete knowledge to help you achieve your desired results. Sharon is here to assist you in making your event a success! 

Lastly, as a leader in providing strategic solutions for live events, Sharon guarantees positive outcomes for your potential event challenges.

To learn more about Sharon Bonner’s Consulting Services, request a consultation today!

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