Have a limited budget but want to plan an amazing event? Then you have come to the right place because Event Expert Sharon Bonner has endless tips and tricks to plan your event on a low budget. Many people avoid planning events because they think that the expenses are too high, but events are so essential for profit and are a good ROI for your business. With the right Event Consultant to make event planning simple, you can plan the best event while staying within your budget.

Tip #1: Food and Beverages

Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive food, think about making something simple that will please everyone. Examples include take out boxes, salad bars, cupcakes, DIY pitas, and selecting certain signature cocktails rather than having a full liquor bar. In addition, installing a water station rather than giving out bottled water is super economical. Instead of having the event during lunch or dinner, you could schedule it when appetizers or desserts will be served. An Event Consultant will keep you informed about popular but affordable menu options and will help you identify straightforward ways to acquire the goods. They have connections and access to good deals or just affordable options!

Tip #2: Entertainment

One of the most important characteristics of an Event Producer is the value of thinking creatively. Before you decide to hire someone to entertain your attendees, ask yourself a question; can this job be easily done by someone I know? Use the alternative if the answer to your question is yes! Utilize local talent, community groups or up-and-coming artists that are looking for exposure. Offer a Photo Booth that you can set up with some accessories and a DIY accents like a simple metallic door curtain. Many people enjoy taking pictures to keep their memories alive! Having an Event Consultant is beneficial because they will know many people that they can contact on your behalf. They are extremely knowledgeable, have seen it all, and are able to think creatively to tailor the top-notch entertainment at an affordable price to your event’s objectives!

Tip #3: Digital and printing costs

There are numerous alternatives to using printed materials for event planning and for attendees to use while at events. Use social media in place of paper for everything from invitations to event promotion. In the modern era, many people use social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; thus, this may even help with gaining publicity. Using their extensive experience, an Event Consultant will help you create an effective event marketing campaign.

Tip #4: Volunteers and Interns

It’s always a good idea to devote time to volunteer or internship programs. You will receive support from this, as well as access to more manpower for you and your team. Volunteers are likely to contribute because they are looking to learn under the right guidance and will have direct access to a crucial member of the management team. Event experts are connected to the appropriate individuals and organizations to welcome more members to the team. Sharon has worked with and mentored hundreds of individuals and can point them in the right direction!

You’re all set!

Above we have listed a few of the inner Event Consultant secrets of how to plan a low budget event, but the biggest secret to plan an event on a budget is – hiring an Event Consultant because they provide you with inside knowledge into the event industry! 

For more budget guidance, be sure to get in touch with Sharon Bonner Consulting. After all, having an event expert by your side when you are planning will make your event the most successful it can be. 

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