Gold Bar Gala

When working on the event strategy, understanding the design goals and objectives behind the decision to host an event must always be considered. With ‘Gold Bar Gala, we created an evening that delivered in every respect. Upon arrival to the event, guests were greeted with a unique LED red carpet and offered a welcome Champagne Drink by Golden Girls with giant gold wings. In the background, was an ice bar 20’ long with chandeliers suspended above it and adorned with gorgeous white Phalaenopsis orchids.

The second and third floors of the event space held more surprises that carried on the ice and orchid theme. Highlights on the 2nd floor were a 50’ ice bar and a solid ice Audi R8 car made 50% to scale.  The third floor was the favorite, as many guests swarmed to the Bubble Tea stations and visited the world’s longest long dessert bar (102 feet long – Guinness World Record pending).

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