“It’s about damn time!” Lizzo sang it first and she was absolutely right.

This idea has been on my back burner for a long while but good things take time and now we are ready. I’m beyond excited to announce that Sharon Bonner Consulting has been launched and is ready for business! After 34 years of experience in the event industry and receiving multiple accolades, it was time to bring my idea to life. I always knew that the experiences that I have collected should be accessible to all and after the pandemic’s short labor shortage I saw the sign.

So without further adieu… Let the Event Consulting begin✨

What Is An Event Consultant?

Creativity On Demand

Hiring an Event Consultant means that you have access to an untapped resource of creativity to WOW your guests.

An Event Consultant like Sharon has extensive experience and knows what creative ideas will work or flop!

Tap Into Network

Starting with an Event Consultant means you have a personal ticket to an exclusive network when creating your event. An Event Consultant has connections to top brands and services that can fulfil all your event dreams.

Expertise On Budget

Having an Event Consultant means that you have  industry insider expertise while maintaining your budget parameters! An Event Consultant is your guiding light to steer you in the right event direction to event success.

Meet Your Industry Expert: Sharon Bonner

Sharon Bonner, an award-winning pioneer who has been part of the event industry for more than 34 years, is announcing the launch of her second venture, Sharon Bonner Consulting (SBC). This company will operate alongside her sister company,  the event production agency she founded back in 1988 – Bright Ideas Event Agency (BEIA).

We are very excited to launch Sharon Bonner Consulting, as it is now a vital key to the Event Industry. Whether you are looking for quick advice, a full event makeover or ongoing support, we have the perfect event consultant package that will fit your needs.

We partner with you to curate a tailored event plan that aligns with your event objectives and goals. Our innovative mindset and enthusiastic approach provide you with the best and optimal tools to execute your event vision today! Give us a call today!

It’s Going To Be A Fun Ride!

When I founded Bright Ideas Event Agency in the ’80’s, I knew that someday I would find a way to give back to the industry that was so good to me these past three decades. Launching Sharon Bonner Consulting is the perfect way to give support to Event Professionals that are understaffed, overwhelmed or plum out of “Bright Ideas”!

One of our favorite services that we provide to clients are multi-year strategic planning to ensure that proposed future events make sense and are integrated into the overall marketing initiatives. Non profit organizations and member associations are exceptionally excited about having this service at their fingertips. In the past hiring an Event Producer was out of budget. Now Event Consulting fits the bill!

I encourage you to take advantage of our 30 minute consultation free of charge. During this meeting, we review what has worked for you at your events in the past, where your events are now and where you would like to take your events in the future. It’s worth every minute so save your spot today!

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