The questions that come up when planning an event are never-ending. Event planning isn’t easy as you have to take a stance on many decisions that you don’t have experience or information for. That’s where a good event consultant can help, they make the process easier as they have done it before and have the experience required to make your event successful.

What is an Event Consultant?

An Event Consultant is someone you can depend on to help you with the following services:

  • Establishing goals and objectives
  • Developing a critical path
  • Preparing an event estimate
  • Selecting a venue
  • Choosing your vendors 
  • Creating a production schedule
  • Designing the decor / theme
  • Planning the agenda
  • Marketing Analysis

Why do you need an Event Consultant?

Event Consultant can save you some money and time

You may end up saving money if you hire an Event Consultant.

Yes, that’s true! A common misconception is that event consulting is just an overhead cost for someone who performs the same tasks as your team does. But, event consultants have a strong working relationship with suppliers and vendors and can get fair working terms and contracts. This way, you know how much you are spending upfront and are not surprised with ballooning costs.

Here at Sharon Bonner Consulting, we have event experts who can prepare an accurate estimate for your next event. To get more information, you can reach out to us HERE to book a consulting session!

An Event Consultants is great at organization

Event consultants have a great deal of industry knowledge from working with thousands of clients. They can also help you create airtight production timelines that make it less likely the team fails to meet deadlines.

An Event Consultant can one-up your event vision while also meeting business objectives

Good planners have experience on their side, which makes them the best decision-makers on what type of theme is best suited for your company’s culture and event type. Making these decisions tastefully helps the event strike a good balance between entertaining the audience and achieving business objectives.

Event Consultant always have a good plan B

Good event consultants know that no matter the amount of planning, there is always a chance that things can go wrong. They also have extensive industry experience of working with innumerable clients, which means that they have seen it all! With their detail-oriented nature and ability to think on their feet, event consultants are who you want in your corner when things go wrong, as they equip to counter any curveball that comes your way with their imaginative and out-of-the-box solutions.


So you’ve seen how an Event Consultant could benefit you and your event. Here at Sharon Bonner Consulting, our team would be the perfect fit for you!

If you want to know more about the types of events we have collaborated on, please feel free to browse here. If you like what you see, you can look at our services and custom packages here.

Book a free call to discuss your event with us. We are only a phone call away!The questions that come up when planning an event are never-ending. Event planning isn’t easy because you have to make decisions that you don’t have experience with. That’s where a good event consultant can help, as they have experience and know what will be successful for your event.

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