Lately, I have been loving this new trend, also known as interactive entertainment. What better approach to ensure event success than by having guests physically engage with a prompt or a gimmick instead of just observing it? Remember that our brains register experiences more effectively. For example, when you write something instead of just reading it, you remember it better. So, imagine implementing it in events. Ah… If only there was a way to make your attendees remember this date. But there is… so keep reading.

I hope you’ve heard of this one, where guests interact with digital content simply by standing in front of it, controlling it with hand or body gestures. So, motion-activated, in other words. To give you an idea, have you ever heard of “Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion” by Ad Council? If not, you should check it out! It is an art installation that works like an X-ray machine, and it only shows the skeletons of, in this case, people who are in love, demonstrating that we are all the same at the core, no matter our gender or physical appearance. This might be one of the most beautiful ads to encourage self-love and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community.

In terms of events, aside from being an e-sports one, this concept can be implemented in different venues too! It is not exclusive to the gamer community; you could easily implement your own version of a multiplayer game that does not require years of practice in front of a console. I would suggest hosting big Tetris competitions or Tic Tac Toe on a big screen. Or, if your goal is raising funds, then yes, throw that esports event and have attendees play for a cause regardless of age and skill level. Isn’t it wonderful?

Photo booths hold a special place in my heart. Aside from funny props, these selfie stations are now being upgraded to the max with interactive features and customizable experiences. These include augmented reality photo filters, green screen backgrounds, and animated GIFs with a direct social media sharing option, allowing attendees to capture and share their memories in creative and personalized ways. Hot, isn’t it?

This one is usually an all-time favourite but not exclusively. Immersive Theatre gives the viewers an opportunity to blur the lines between the performance and the audience by participating in the storytelling process. Here, they can influence the outcome of the story, and by doing so, they get immersed in the performance itself while getting to be vocal and creative. A nice way to push your guests out of their comfort zone and to get all of them excited.

3D Sound Experiences? Sounds new to you? Well, let me tell you about it: it is a delight to the ears. Something you have never heard before. While wearing headphones, it is designed to take you into an immersive environment. Essentially, experience music in a whole new way. Click here to hear an example by John Taylor Tucker called “The Tucker Zone.”  

It is not a secret that we as humans are very competitive whether we admit it or not, so why not incorporate it into events? Create personalized and engaging experiences for attendees by gamifying the event with challenges, competitions, and rewards—anything that would get them out of their seat to participate. By doing so, believe me, you will achieve much better results and foster group bonding by throwing a “game night” into the mix! Did someone mention office bingo?

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