Do you have numerous ideas for event designs about your corporate event and want to create something unique? Even be the talk of the town for a couple of days but do not know where to start? An Event Consultant is the perfect expert you need to bring your vision to life and go beyond your expectations. Taking a step back so somebody else can take the full reins in bringing about your corporate event success will allow you to have stress free weeks.

These are the top five reasons that you need hire an Event Consultant for your corporate event:

1. To outline unique EVENT DESIGNS from their years of experience  

An Event Consultant will create the ultimate guest experience through event design. Specializing in all types of events means that we’re fully capable of handling all facets of the event including food & beverage service, entertainment, sound & lighting, event decor, floral, photography, logistics, and more. Furthermore, we can create an atmosphere and transform the venue for an event that will be truly unforgettable!

2022 Norland Xmas Party: With Love From Paris

2. To create MASTER EVENT PLANS that allow you to succeed like this

When hiring an Event Consultant, one thing is guaranteed, and that is that your event will run smoothly. An Event Consultant will create a specific plans for your corporate event and you will have access to a Critical Event Plans and detailed Production Schedule outlining various details that are specific to your corporate event. We will take care of everything for you and ensure that every part of the event including catering, decor, entertainment and venue booking are all organized and ready for the day. This means that you will not have to worry about anything and instead can simply go and enjoy the event!

1920’s Soiree:

3. To envision event designs to create a LASTING IMPRESSION

Whether the event is for work colleagues, clients or even friends and family, no one wants to be remembered as the host who “dropped the ball”. With an Event Consultant, we work with you to ensure that you leave the best impression behind with your guests by creating a fitting and enjoyable atmosphere. Through the shared experience, we will aid you in choosing which is the best entertainment for your event. From the lighting to the presentation to the accessories – we  will plan a fun and memorable event for everyone, even you the host!

A Christmas Carol Celebration:

4. We prepare a RISK ASSESSMENT PLAN for troubleshooting

It has always been said that it is best to prepare for the worst. That is exactly what Event Consultants have the knowledge and experience to do. We are able to organize your corporate event so that there are no surprises. We offer a Risk Assessment Plan for you as a troubleshooting guide. This will allow you to always have support even in those difficult moments of a corporate event.

Christmas Around the World:

5. Organizing Networking Activities

No matter what you have planned so far, there are plenty of opportunities for networking activities. Regardless of your budget, you may be able to incorporate some of these great ideas:

  • An organized happy hour at the end of the programming day
  • Social lounges
  • Team activities, etc.

This is the true benefit of hiring an Event Consultant for your corporate event, as they will know how to maximize the most benefit for you and your company. Let the expertise of an event consultant bring your corporate event to life! Don’t miss out on the true benefits they can offer. Contact us today to discuss on how we can make your corporate event a memorable experience for your attendees.

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