Orchestrating the perfect event menu requires careful consideration and smart planning, especially when dietary restrictions are on the rise. Follow along as we get tips from award-winning Event Consultant, Sharon Bonner, on the best curation to serve your guests with a menu that is not only absolutely delicious and relevant, but also inclusive and mindful of attendees’ needs. 

How do you select the perfect menu for your event? 

When it comes to event-appropriate cuisine, mindful planning is one of many factors to consider. Tailor it so that it fits the event atmosphere in alliance with consideration for the preferences of your guests is key to the curation – not a difficult task, if properly prepared. What makes it even easier? Working with an Event Consultant – like me – with 35 years of experience producing award winning events!  

Here are my menu tips:

5 Tips To Consider When Planning the Perfect Event Menu

event menu

1. Choosing your menu based on the event 

When planning for your event, it is important to consider the location, event, theme, and number of guests attending. This allows you to better curate a menu that is appropriate to the event, fits the theme, compliments the location, and is of favor to the guests.

Suppose you are planning a business event with speeches and awards. In this case, a classic sit-down, plated meal is recommended due to the formality and occasion of this event. It is crucial to curate the event menu.

event menu
event menu

2. Create a budget to manage your assets 

Before settling on any decisions, I suggest creating a budget for the event, analyzing all possible costs and expenditures. This way, you have an idea of how much you will be spending on food and beverages. Knowing all costs beforehand, will better prepare you to operate within the menu budget you have created and avoid overspending.

A smart budgeter will ask the companies providing services about potential additional costs, as well as how their prices stand in comparison with other catering companies. 

3. Get to know your guests a little more

Surveying guests attending your event is essential for ensuring the satisfaction of the attendees. Not only does this method provide you with the knowledge of food preferences, it also allows you to become aware of any potential food allergies/dietary restrictions your guests may have. Armed with this information, you will be in a better position to select a menu that is inclusive of all attendees. 

For those guests with diet restrictions, alternative dishes can be offered. Suppose a large portion of guests cannot eat pork. Perhaps a vegetarian/chicken option can be offered in its place. Accommodating all your guests is vital to planning a successful event and I find very appreciated.

event menu

4. Do your research 

When planning the perfect event menu, I strongly recommended that you conduct a thorough research of caterers/food services you are considering, to be aware of all your options. 

Don’t limit your food services to one specific company; rather weigh out the pros/cons of each differing service to make the most appropriate choice. Be mindful of the agenda timing and pair it with the perfect menu for a winning event flow!

5. Hire an Event Consultant

An Event Consultant can significantly enhance the customization of your perfect event menu. With our extensive industry connections and knowledge, we can lead you towards building it to be the most delicious and inclusive! 

With respect to our expertise and experience, your dream can become reality with the guidance of an Event Consultant. We consider all aspects of the event and provide you with our expert opinions and views, all whilst supporting your vision for the perfect event menu.

Voila! You have planned the best possible event menu.

The perfect event menu must be carefully articulated and planned in order to meet the needs of all guests. Attention to the theme is of grave importance. 

When planning, think about how to create a menu that accounts for all attendees, follows the theme, and is appropriate to the event. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the menu based on the survey response of guest preferences. 

An Event Consultant can help you when planning for your event, utilizing their area of expertise for your benefit.

Connect with an expert today to plan the perfect event menu!

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