Have you ever felt conflicted about which venue is best for your event? With so many beautiful event venues in Vancouver, I understand it may be hard to narrow down your options to just one. That’s why I started the Event Consulting Series. I want to help make your life easier, as you plan your next corporate event and determine when to seek help from an event professional or go out on your own. So, check out this week’s topic with tips on how to select the perfect event venue for your corporate event!

How Do I Choose Between Different Event Venues?

So you’ve done your research and have maybe even done a few site visits. It is now the time to narrow down the list and pick your final venue, but you have no idea which one to choose!?

When deciding on your corporate event venue, it comes down to three main things: your needs, the cost and your venue contract.


When considering your needs take into account what you need the venue for. Do you need a venue for just a meeting, a two-day conference or a VIP cocktail party? Each of these different types of events has different needs. Does each venue provide you with the level of service, set up and tear down requirements necessary for a successful event, or does one stand out over the others?


Next, but arguably the most important thing to consider, is your contract with the venue. Before signing any documentation, be sure to read the agreement thoroughly and understand all terms and conditions. With the constantly changing state of today’s society and since the Covid 19 pandemic, a clear and detailed contract is more important than ever. You will want the contract to work in your favour and protect you should any changes be required.


Lastly, ensuring that your favorite venue is within budget is essential. I recommend asking if there is a base price with hourly overcharges or a specific charge for your block of time. If the venue has all of the features and services required for your event, be sure to double-check that it falls within budget. Otherwise, I recommend checking to see if the venue is open to negotiating the cost. You can often negotiate the price and inclusions with your rental, but not many people are aware of this. Early in the planning process, if you choose a venue beyond the means of your budget, this may severely affect other aspects of your event. It may then be necessary to re-evaluate your entire budget and reallocate funds accordingly.

Six Things To Consider When Selecting Your Event Venue

  1. Covid Policies & Procedures
  2. Proximity To Public Transportation
  3. Access Time Frame 
  4. Cost of Venue
  5. Green Initiatives
  6. Union or Non-Union

Sharon’s Event Tip:  When picking a venue for your hybrid event, be sure to consider the space required for your technical needs. You may be tempted to choose a smaller venue since 100% of your attendees will not be in the room. However, you will need ample space for the additional AV equipment that will make your event accessible to the virtual attendees. 

Finding Your Venue & Negotiating The Contract

Did you know the SBC Ideas team can help you find the perfect venue? We have done this many times with past Event Consulting clients. 

After you reach out and express interest in finding the perfect corporate event venue for your event, we will provide you with a list of appropriate venues based on your needs. From this expansive list, you then pick your top three favorite venues. Together we will visit your top three venues and help you visualize your event in each venue. Then our team will provide you with a pros and cons list for each venue, thus making the decision-making process more manageable.

If you need help negotiating your corporate event venue contract, we are happy to assist with this as well. We understand that this can be intimidating to the majority of our clients. That is why we love to provide our 34 years of event experience to ensure you get what you want from your contract. 

If you need a little assistance in picking the perfect corporate event venue, we’d love to help you! We will work with you during a complimentary 30-minute call to assess your needs and then come up with a plan of action that is best suited for you. To get started with your complimentary consultation, visit our website and complete a quote request form today! 

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